Services Overview

Celebration of Life will provide residential, educational, therapeutic, and recreational services for adults with developmental and physical disabilities. Our varied employment-focused programs promote supervised interdependence, increased self-esteem, and self confidence, while offering adult participants daily employment and many opportunities to make new friends, develop personal interests and begin to realize the satisfaction that is one of the outcomes of the mastering of a wage-earning job.

The campus will offer day and residential special education services and employment training to Adults ages 21 and over, with learning difficulties and/or challenging behaviors secondary to a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder; Acquired Brain Injury; Mental Retardation, Cerebral Palsy; and/or Neurological Disorders.

Our adult programs will include an innovative work-centered program for adults with mild-to-moderate disabilities; and Adult Day Workshops for adults with lower cognitive levels who need to be matched one-on-one with a Client Mentor. Workshop activities include multi-sensory stimulation, hand-over-hand training, repetitive tasks and check-lists, product labeling, box and carton assembly, greeting card design, printing & restocking, basic laundry and household cleaning, landscaping & grounds maintenance, cafeteria duties, table setting, dining room decorations and preparations and individualized personal assistance, utilizing each Client’s IEP from past School District Evaluations.

The unique School Consultation Services offers parents and staff of K-12 public and private schools advanced treatment planning seminars, presentations, and an In-Service speakers bureau for public and private schools serving students under the age of 21 with developmental disabilities and/or behavior disorders. The campus strives to become a premier organization providing resources during the often difficult transitional years from 17 to 21 for many disabled young adults.


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