Mission Statement


Our mission is to provide safe, professionally-directed emotional support and interdependent living and employment activities for adults with developmental disabilities.

Philosophy of Care

Community Integration:
The campus will provide residential and day program options offering external and internal training, employment, social, recreational, and life skills guidance for disabled adults.

Individualized Planning and Customized Programs:
The program recognizes, honors and supports the dignity of each individual. All Celebration Programs, client services and goals are created and tailored to meet each person’s individual needs, fears, abilities, talents, skill-level and interests.

Client Progress and Outcomes Tracking:
The Celebration goal is to challenge each individual to develop new skills and to able to accept training and guidance to enable each client to hold a job willingly and joyously. Extremely flexible plans are developed for each individual, in consultation with the campus on-site professional psychological counselors, outlining specific educational, therapeutic, and social and employment goals. Ongoing progress reviews ensure that goals are updated and modified as needed.

Partnership with Families:
Parents and families are invited and encouraged to partner with our caring and professional staff, and serve as equal members of the multi-disciplinary team. Various volunteer positions welcome parent and family members daily, weekly, or as your schedule allows.

Holistic & Life Celebrating Focus:
To fully Celebrate Life, we are dedicated to achieving the delicate balance between a Life well lived and truly Living your life WELL. Healthy food choices, dramatically improved nutrition, growing our own foods, and the wholesome enjoyment of the gifts of each of the seasons add a holistic balance to the academic, vocational, cultural, recreational, and spiritual aspects of how we celebrate the life of each individual client.

The ‘Heart’ of the Organization:

Supportive Care & Employment Guidance for the Adults We Serve

  • Professional Training, Supervision and Support
  • Security and Safety Emphasis
  • Functional & Emotional Skill Development
  • Professional Therapy & Counseling on-site

Respect for The Families Of Our Clients

  • Encourage Input, ongoing Feedback, and personal Recommendations
  • Facilitate & Encourage Participation at all levels
  • Supportive Emotional Needs & Concerns Family Therapy
  • Encourage Visitation & Volunteering at Any Time

Respect for the Staff

  • Ongoing Training and Feedback
  • Progressive Development Opportunities
  • Comprehensive Annual Performance Evaluations
  • Career Mentoring & Jobs Fair on campus
  • Recognition that the Celebration Staff is the Most Valuable Asset
  • Professional Therapy Seminars & Staff Counseling on-site

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